You have chosen to move partially or entirely to Spain. Congratulations!

But what are we doing now with the registration from our car?

The advice is to use the services of one specialist, especially during the first car import.

“I am Erwin Gerlach, living with my family for another 14 year here in Andalusia and I am working on this issue every day; helping to register vehicles, here in the province of Málaga.

Starting point; your vehicle was already in your name in the Netherlands or you bought it from a dealer with an invoice. What you need to import the car in Spain:

  • Original Car Papers
  • Copy of your NIE
  • Copy of Legitimation
  • Copy with which you can prove your domicile.

I assume in this example that you call in the help of someone familiar with the process, a ‘GESTOR de Automovil’.

Please do not make the same mistake I ever made by thinking that every Gestor can do this. It is, at least here in Spain, a separate field, a specialization.

Step 1: You have sent a copy of your registration number to the specialist, who has sent you a quote from which you can determine what the costs will be.
If you have requested multiple quotations, you must check carefully that they have all included the same fixed costs in their calculation.
For example, it sometimes happens that companies forget to report that the inspection must be paid separately or that you must make the appointment yourself for the inspection.
Have a good explanation of which taxes have to be paid, and why!

There are in the base 2 or 3.

  • Road tax
  • Modelo 576: The registration fee, based on CO2, value, motor etc.
  • Modelo 620: only if you were previously not the owner of the vehicle and can not submit an invoice, which means that you have purchased from a private individual.

Step 2: You call in the help of the person who, in your opinion, has given the clearest explanation. You therefore agree to start the process.

Step 3: A technical report is requested with a copy of the registration certificate. Obtaining this report takes an 2-4 working day.

Step 4: With the documents mentioned in step 3, the inspection is requested. Depending on how good the “Gestor” is, you will get an appointment for the inspection, between the 7-14 days after the application has been made.

Stap5: The car goes to the inspection and is approved. This means that the “Gestor” can pick up the papers at the inspection station one day after the inspection.

Step 6: The various taxes are paid from your name.

Step 7: The documents (proof of taxes paid and inspection report) are presented to the Spanish traffic service.

Step 8: Your hired specialist can pick up 2-4 working days after presentation, if no questions have been made by ‘Hacienda’, the papers and license plates + plates there.

Step 9: You can collect your papers and car from your specialist.

Total process takes approximately 20 working days, if no unforeseen setbacks occur.

For questions, please call me!

Erwin Gerlach
+ 34 661 006 295